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Hitch 22

🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences

The memoirs of the immaculate Christopher Hitchens. From birth to almost the end, it is never a boring story of a man who witnessed the history of the political world in the 20th century. From bohemian soixante-huitard to the aftermath of the Iraq war, Hitchens is always championing what he believes to be the rational truth.

🎨 Impressions

The book shows both Hitchens's impressive command of the English language as well as the fascinating life he lived. It shows how the decline of the left, from its zenith in 68 to the depths of Thatcherism and Reagansim. Hitchens is consistent, and his steadfast resolve in the defense of free speech and liberty is adamant throughout the book. He shows, through horrid descriptions of some of the most horrendous regimes how power corrupts and how we so often turn a blind eye to the sufferings of people far away.

How I Discovered It

I read it as I found it on the Silent Retreat in Bali, it was consumed during the stay there. I had to stay a couple of hours longer in order for me to finish.

Who Should Read It?

I think people who would like a somewhat different perspective than the official history of the modern world should

☘️ How the Book Changed Me

I got newfound respect for Hitchens and it was clear to me that we lost a good one too soon. When people write books on why Hitchens can save the left, it should be good reminder to read why and how.

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