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Data Science

What is data science? It is a bunch of different jobs bunched together and given the tie of AI to make a company sound innovative.


I like Fastapi as a backend service. It is very easy to learn and it is good when designing apis.

Getting Started with Streamlit for Data Science

This book gives a nice introduction to a module for Python that has grown out of proportion, meant in a good way. It gives a brief overview of the capabilities of the application as well as how the simplicity of the application leads itself to being a powerful tool for both newbies and experiecned data scientists.


An underrated aspect of programming is understanding computers; for engineers and self-taught programmers, it might be challenging to understand the intricacies of computers.


Pytests is a wrapper around the unit test python test framework. It makes it a bit easier to write tests.

Python Tricks

This book is just a lot of neet tricks to use in python. It contains knowledge about structures in python, wrappers to use, and a lot of lot more. Nice for a developer with some python knowledge.