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The Garden

Welcome to my Digital Garden. Here, I try to gather my personal knowledge and share it in the best way I know how. This not only helps me learn while working but is also a helpful place for me to gain knowledge and insights, as well as constantly review what I have done to improve each section. The garden might grow new branches, but adding more is not necessarily what I would like to accomplish, I would also like to prune and grow the branches I have. The growth, like in nature should be organic.

The garden is by no means a finished work, even my publications of articles are somewhat sketchy, as I have often published unfinished articles that might even be a dummy. However, it is all part of the process of writing and discovering. It is a garden, not a building; it should let its ihabitants live and grow and die naturally.


I write a lot about AI, and these are my articles on AI. Data Science is a sub-phase that I think will be good to go through with later.

Tools and Methods

I like to try to understand more about Productivity and especially the Theory Behind Productivity. In the Mac and iPhone sections, I talk a little about the tools I use the most, their applications, and other tools in Tools. Of course, Programming contains much info on programming that I have worked on and learned.


I read a lot, with 72 books read in 2021, 52 in 2022, and 84 books read in 2023. In 2023, I started using Kindle as my primary tool. And I also started using book reviews to read and understand more of what I actually read. The hope is that the book reviews, combined with going back to the book reviews and linking to other books, might make the reviews a more living thing that is constantly growing and evolving (In line with the general principles of the digital garden.)

Booklist 2023

List of books with their Book Reviews linked from 2023.

Booklist 2024

Booklist from 2024: some of the books have not been read through yet; the books on the list are added as I discover them.

Other things

I write a little bit about Mathematics and some thoughts about Thinking and Learning; I think the article on Lectures contains a lot of good information as well. Travel contains a little bit of information about where I have been and places I have traveled to. It might be a good guide sometimes for someone who goes to the same places.