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Animal Farm

The animal farm animals are free, having rebelled and expelled their human masters. Working hard under the leadership of the pigs Snowball and Napoleon, the animals toil and work harder than ever. At least all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Black Boy

This book depicts, from a young boy to a young man's perspective, the journey from Jim Crow South to Chicago and the trials from the communist party. It is a gripping read, where the main character is never comfortable in his environment, constantly struggling for the right to exist as an individual. Freedom all look the same, but oppression has many faces.

Hitch 22

The memoirs of the immaculate Christopher Hitchens. From birth to almost the end, it is never a boring story of a man who witnessed the history of the political world in the 20th century. From bohemian soixante-huitard to the aftermath of the Iraq war, Hitchens is always championing what he believes to be the rational truth.

Homage to Catalonia

Orwell writes about the Spanish Civil War and occasionally touches on the fascists. He writes about the fractions that the government was more interested in fighting amongst themselves than the enemy. And with some indignation, tells on how lies travel half the world before the truth gets its shoes on.

Red Famine

Sometimes a book makes you physically ill just by reading it. This is the case of the Holomodor, where the genocide of the Ukranian people and its perpetrates are described in Red Famine. The worst parts were the denials and the justifications.

Seeing Like a State

This book is an investigation into the world of high modernism and an analysis of the consequences of high modernism.

The Capitalist Manifesto

This book is a homage to the progress that capitalism has brought. It is an interesting comparison to the doom and gloom books. It is a book about the fantastic increase in wealth and prosperity that capitalism has brought.