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Calling Bullshit

This book is all about the BS. It is split into defining, identifying, and calling bullshit in the modern world. It is an easy read, with good examples and a skeptical eye on everything.

Economics in One Lesson

This book is about prices and the fact that the economic machine should not be tampered with. It is a classic Austrian school of Economics type of book, and contains the usual arguments from that school. It uses 200 pages to conclude that you should not tamper with it.

Hitch 22

The memoirs of the immaculate Christopher Hitchens. From birth to almost the end, it is never a boring story of a man who witnessed the history of the political world in the 20th century. From bohemian soixante-huitard to the aftermath of the Iraq war, Hitchens is always championing what he believes to be the rational truth.

Homage to Catalonia

Orwell writes about the Spanish Civil War and occasionally touches on the fascists. He writes about the fractions that the government was more interested in fighting amongst themselves than the enemy. And with some indignation, tells on how lies travel half the world before the truth gets its shoes on.

Imagined Communities

It is a kinda of half Marxist, half academic book about how language primarily shaped nation-states and how written language is the primary factor of nationalism. Imagined comities, aka the nation as a concept, are shaped by languages.

Letters to a Young Contrarian

This book is about being right, not being in the crowd etc. It is advice on how to stay true to the principles. The letters are thoughtful and engaging.


I think podcasts are a cool way of getting to know more, it has some similar attributes to lectures in a way that information is vocally submitted.

Survival of the Savvy

This book is about navigating the corporate world of politics and still remaining a high-integrity individual. It contains guides on how to understand the world of corporate politics and not becomming a pawn. It contains realistic scenarios and is

The Dictator's Handbook

Nobody rules alone. In order to rule you need to reward your supporters. Everyone who wastes money is likely to be replaced by those who don't. The more concentrated your supporting groups are, the more power is given to them.

Why Orwell Matters

Hitchens calmly and effectively demolishes the right, the left, and all others who have taken Orwell's name in vain. He delves into the absurd scenarios in 1984 and Animal Farm and highlights the same exact scenarios from real-life scenarios. Imperialism, Fascism, and Communism, the great calamities of the 19th century, are shown through the lens of Orwell, and also how he always lands on the right side of history.