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General thoughts on podcasts

I think podcasts are a cool way of getting to know more, it has some similar attributes to lectures in a way that information is vocally submitted.

Long-form Podcasts

I particularly like the long-form format on podcasts. One thing I like is that usually the hosts do not play a big part and you can hear new perspectives. Usually, the host is not that important.

One thing I believe is important to understand when it comes to podcasts is the Gell-Mann Amnesia syndrome (Also a good link to the phenomenon here). I almost think that this is inevitable in the form of long-form podcasts. I think you need to have your skeptic glasses on full-time because the hosts of those podcasts would never do that. To be fair to the podcast hosts, it is very difficult to fact-check everything. However, be aware of hosts like Joe Rogan that are not challenging anything the guest says, more or less.

True Stories podcasts

There are some good true crime podcast episodes that I have found very enchanting. However, it should be noted that some of the true story podcasts such as true crime have gotten some criticism.

Podcasts that I like

Big Technology Podcast

Alex and Ranjan are not only capable but also fun to hear about. Reading Ranjan Roy´s articles about ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) was formative, and I enjoy his views and feel they are nuanced and calm. I like that both of them like to disagree and often argue about stuff. It is very technology-focused, which aligns with my interests. Furthermore, Alex usually has some good guests to interview.

Business Books & Co

Discussions around popular business books. The hosts are good at describing the contents of the books and it feels like you get about 80 % of the contents of the books through each episode. It is also good to hear some criticisms of the books to stay a bit neutral.

Good Podcast Episodes