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Extreme Ownership

Leif and Jocko go through their combat experiences in combat and the lessons in leadership that they have learned from them. They break down concepts, explain why they are important for the SEALS, and highlight them in the business context as well.

Job Searching

The interview is about practice; if you want to get good at interviewing, you must practice. Interviewing is 90 % practice.


I switched from Windows to Mac in 2021 and used it privately until 2022 when I switched to a Mac for work as well.

Moral Mazes

This book analyses corporate culture from a sociological perspective and how organizations act. It is an interesting aspect of the corporate culture and how it behaves. As a bonus, there is a shitton of funny anecdotes.


This book addresses the elephant in the software room, that people, not tech, are the obstacle. Tech is just there to be applied; solving the problem requires a lot of people and knowledge to go the right way. It also addresses how to solve this problem for humans.


I am fascinated by productivity and always look for ways to increase my productivity. As I am only one person, I must maximize the amount of work I can do to the greatest extent possible.

Remote Work

I did some remote working when I was at Bali, working primarily on my side projects. I felt like it is very difficult to motivate oneself if one does not have a social society or connection. It was fun however to experience new places.

The Fifth Discipline

This book is about apporaching the difficulties of organizations and businesses using system thinking. It goes through the issues at hand, and how some problems are related to the system in itself rather than people. The goal is to create organizations that learn to work in this context.


I have currently worked in different types of work. From being a driver to being a moving operator, to a warehouse Employee, and finally, a Data Scientist.