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I switched from Windows to Mac in 2021 and used it privately until 2022 when I switched to a Mac for work as well.

I consider the switch one of the best technical career moves ever.

Sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed by functionalities that I don't use and am not familiar with. It happens quite a lot that some random functionality, the hot corners come as a good example here just interrupts my flow.



A simple toolbar for doing the Pomodoro technique. Kinda neat.


Rectangle is for window management, I use it together with Karabiner to resize and set up window management quickly. I have about 3 or 4 different hotkeys for this.


Bear is a markdown editor. It is nice to have as an alternative to Obsidian, and one of the reasons I quite like it is because it is easy for me to just have it and only it as a writing tool. It is on a freemium plan and to be honest the feature i was looking for, the ability to export to .pdf formats is quite bad.