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Planning Poker

Planning poker in software development is a straightforward process where each team member independently estimates the effort needed for a project or task using numbered cards. They all reveal their estimates at the same time to avoid influencing each other. If estimates vary widely, they discuss why and may re-estimate to reach a consensus. This method helps understand the task better and ensures that the whole team agrees on the required effort.



  • "Agile has become doing half of scrum shitty and using Jira" - Andy Hunt
  • SAFe is the inevitable corruption of the Agile methodology.
  • Is it possible to actually do Agile in a large company? Half of the issues stemming from the corruption of Agile in a large company are what makes a large company work. Large ceremonies, hats instead of people, big estimations, and tracking. I do not know, but I think in order to understand what processes and frameworks can be implemented in a workload
  • Programmers are always saying you cannot make software as you do a car or a table, but why not? Are the complexities in writing code that much different from building a car? Anyways, the lean principles are derived from Toyota.
  • Agile, is similar to Aiguille in French, which means needle.
  • "If you cannot cancel or kill the product, you are not the product owner" - Kijana Woodard
  • In a retro, you should not adress cooperation or inter-collegial issues, those are not relevant for the team to solve.