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Four Thousand Weeks Time Management for Mortals

This book takes all the productivity and self-help books and asks if we should take a step back and not be captives of our ambitions. This book is for those who try too hard to be 10X'ers and feel demotivated by their lack of results.

I Moved Your Cheese

This book is a fairy tale about mice and labyrinths. The characters of Max, Big, and Zed are musing on the fact that the mice are all in the maze and looking for cheese when there is no one asking why the cheese is always being moved around.

Moral Mazes

This book analyses corporate culture from a sociological perspective and how organizations act. It is an interesting aspect of the corporate culture and how it behaves. As a bonus, there is a shitton of funny anecdotes.

Soul in the Game

What is a meaningful life? Vitali takes on his journey filled with wisdom and experiences and tells beautiful stories that resonate. Topics such as life, wisdom, writing, and classical music are taken up with humor, emotion, and clarity.

The Myth of Sisyphus

Albert Camus is talking about the existence of good and the absence of meaning. The goal is to rebel against the existentialist.

The Stranger

One of Albert Camus's greatest works. It tells the story of the main character from such a distant and objective point that the reader gets taken by the meaninglessness of it all. It is a damning view of the way we strive for meaning in an absurd universe.

When Reason goes on Holliday

This book is about the brightest minds and their dumbest opinions. It goes into detail about modern philosophers, and their political opinions, who sometimes show how brilliant minds fall for the simplest falsehoods. It is a warning that knowledge is not always transferable.

Why Orwell Matters

Hitchens calmly and effectively demolishes the right, the left, and all others who have taken Orwell's name in vain. He delves into the absurd scenarios in 1984 and Animal Farm and highlights the same exact scenarios from real-life scenarios. Imperialism, Fascism, and Communism, the great calamities of the 19th century, are shown through the lens of Orwell, and also how he always lands on the right side of history.

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

This book is a philosophical work, wrapped in a story of a father and son travelling around the US. It concerns thoughts about quality, understanding things, and appreciation of the process itself. It also discusses quality in a philosophical setting.