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Religion: A Resilient Concept

Religion is a strong idea that has stood the test of time because it serves a purpose. Even the unusual practices in various religions were usually created with good reasons in mind.

Changes Over Time

However, as time passes and things change, these reasons may no longer apply or be relevant today.

Comparing Religion and Politics

Interestingly, rigid political ideologies bear a lot of similarities to religions. They exhibit similar patterns and behaviors. The cult of the leader is an exciting concept and also maybe displays the weakness of atheist ideologies. At least the god is not increasingly becoming more and more totalitarian; at least, it is usually an exciting aspect to it.

The Bible

Very few people know many of the Bible's stories and the message they had, especially the stories of the Old Testament. When I was a kid, I got a Bible in text and images, which I used to read; the stories kind of stuck. Here are some stories I remember

  1. The writing on the wall story
  2. Absalom, the son of King David
  3. The end of John the Baptist (Hes head gets separated from the rest of the body)



  • There has been made one movie about the life of the Prophet Mohammad, which was filmed from the perspective of his uncle Abu Talib.
  • The reason Mohammad is not to be shown is to avoid idolization. Instead, he is meant to be known for his message.