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System Building

"System building" in philosophy refers to the process of creating a comprehensive and coherent set of ideas or principles that explain various aspects of the world. It's like assembling a puzzle, where each idea or principle is a piece that fits together with others to form a complete picture of how we understand things like reality, knowledge, morality, and existence.

Karl Marx is considered the last system-building philosopher.

Denim Philosophy

Denim Philosophy is the term I gave to the layman's philosophy. It is the musings of Pirisig in [[../Books/Book Reviews/Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance]], it is the thoughts of the stoics in a modern society. It is the thoughts from a ride on a Harley across long landscapes. It is the unbound and unrestricted philosophy of the blue-collar worker, with none of the academic riddles and rules. It is the philosophy of experience and experimentation.

Active Externalism

Since the publication of Clark and Chalmers (1998), “active externalism” has been a hotly debated issue. Defenders of active externalism hold

  1. Cognitive processes can extend beyond the brain and body.
  2. Cognitive states can be partly constituted by non-biological, environmental objects and processes. The basic claim is that it is through our active engagement with bodily external elements that certain cognitive processes and states are made possible. As a consequence, cognitive processes and states can be partly constituted by features of the world around us. Link The extended mind thesis - The mind is not exclusively in the brain or even the body, but extends into the physical world.