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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

This book is a collection of 97 software engineering tips and advice from experts in the field. It contains non-technical advice, technical advice and thoughts from a pretty large corpus of experience.


Penetration testing is essentially simulating attacks and investigating the consequences of said attacks. The end goal is not to get hacked.


To my knowledge, Dart is a beautiful language that is completely null-safe. Dart is developed by Google and is a compiled static-typed language. Most of the development with Dart is for the Flutter framework.

Data Science

What is data science? It is a bunch of different jobs bunched together and given the tie of AI to make a company sound innovative.


In the context of business, everything is a database. Databases are the bedrock of how we design things nowadays.


DevOps is the attempt to bridge the gap between development and operations. So much gets lost in translation, and when you have two departments that are siloed, mistakes are bound to happen.


I like Fastapi as a backend service. It is very easy to learn and it is good when designing apis.

Fundamentals of Data Engineering

This book covers the fundamentals of data engineering and how to solve problems. of data engineering without going to much into detail of the programming. It introduces concepts such as data warehouse and Kafka and data pipelines and ETL.


Git was developed by Linus Torvalds, who also developed the operating system Linux. He jokingly said he named both tools after himself. Git was made because making changes and collaborating on Linux had become too challenging and a new way of doing version control was needed.


Javascript is the most popular language in the world, so you should at least have some knowledge of how it works and how it functions.

Learn Google Flutter Fast

This book is basically an introduction guide to google flutter and how to best start working with it. It goes through dart, flutter widgets, and state management, as well as other things. It gives example code as well as images of the apps created by the code.


I switched from Windows to Mac in 2021 and used it privately until 2022 when I switched to a Mac for work as well.

Payments Systems in the US

This book is an overview of how the U.S. and by extension, the world's payment systems work. It goes into detail on credit cards, debit cards, checking and other systems. It contains an overview of the how and why of each system.

Practical Vim

This book is a practical introduction to VIM. It contains an introduction to Vim and help with the different modes and how to set it up properly.

Pro Git

This book delves deep into Git. It is nice for an intermediate git professional who would like to have some more understanding of the "under the hood".


An underrated aspect of programming is understanding computers; for engineers and self-taught programmers, it might be challenging to understand the intricacies of computers.


Pytests is a wrapper around the unit test python test framework. It makes it a bit easier to write tests.

Python Tricks

This book is just a lot of neet tricks to use in python. It contains knowledge about structures in python, wrappers to use, and a lot of lot more. Nice for a developer with some python knowledge.


Learning Rust Journey


Here i list the talks I have heard or found intersting. It contains some of the cool and intersting talks that I hear. Some might be interesting.

Your Brain at Work

This book is about how you can understand and work on your performance by understanding how the brain works. The book goes through different scenarios and explains why the persons in the scenario do what they do and what they can do to achieve better results. The book contains helpful hints about how to "hack" your brain to achieve better results and improve your life.