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DevOps is the attempt to bridge the gap between development and operations. So much gets lost in translation, and when you have two departments that are siloed, mistakes are bound to happen.

In my own experience, things slow to a halt when you need to involve lots of other people in a launch process. The main objective should be to increase iteration speed and velocity of delivery. All other things are unimportant, as learning and evolving is what will change the teams to become better.

DevOps has been closely linked to Agile and Lean processes and share a lot of the same principles. Another aspect of DevOps is that it is important to understand that it is a culture phenomenon rather than a process or technology phenomenon. It is the enablement of teams to take ownership of the product they are working on rather than delegating them to be output producing units.



  • DevOps is about culture, not processes.
  • What are the reasons you are not deploying faster? Is it because of processes, culture, or something else?
  • Are you afraid of prod?