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Here i list the talks I have heard or found intersting. It contains some of the cool and intersting talks that I hear. Some might be interesting.

List of talks that I have found intersting

  • Pushing Through Friction Based on my own experience as a developer, this was a very intersting talk that resonated with me.
  • Provacative predictions for the future. I found it intersting, good talk. I think it might be taken with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it is a bit provacatibve, so might be completely wrong. Fun terms were revenge travel, patagonia vest index etc.
    • Tesla did not disrupt car industry, but rather disrupt the gas station industry.
    • Disruption is more a fucntion of how disruptable the industry rather than the disruptable technology.
    • And note: This man predicted that Macys would be bigger than amazon.
  • Sessions of talks Many good ones, liked SpaceX approach to exponential growth
  • Finish Intelligence Officer Analysing Russia I found this quite intersting when it comes to understanding the geopolitcal history of eastern europe and also understanding how the Russian government thinks.