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List of interesting articles. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the articles I read and checking if they stood the test of time.



Blogs that I have discovered are here:


About: Programming and UI

Ben Kuhn

About: Programming, startups, management. With a focus on entrepreneurship in Africa.

Dan Luu

About: Programming, funny stores, teaching programming,L etc.

Dan Wang

About: Programming, China, other musings. Thought that his yearly newsletter on China was pure gold.


About: Programming, rage, funny blog about everything.

Patrick Mackenzie

About: Some software, some job searching advice and similar.

Tim Ottinger

About: Software, working.


  • I think a good and smart strategy is to work with yourself to go back and read what you thought was interesting.
  • This page works as a placeholder folder for oall the articles where I cannot find a parent file to store the links.