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Writing is hard. It takes time, effort and experience. It is something that takes effort to even start. What is writer's block, is it something that is true or just something people who don't have the energy to start working on writing?

I find writing to be an immensely productive and insightful experience. I try to write as much as possible, both in a professional as well as personal setting. In the professional setting, I feel like my arguments and thoughts are so much better displayed in writing than in oratory formats.

Writing also helps me make sense of what I am doing, by putting words on paper, I can review what I do and say.

I think a problem I have when debating and discussing topics, is my lack of articulation and oratory skills. I have a lot of problems putting my thoughts and arguments together in a good way. However, writing helps me alleviate this problem, as I have a lot of time to concretize my thoughts and make my point.


At WonderCon, in 2014, comic book writer and editor Kelly Sue DeConnick came up with The Sexy Lamp Test. In its original form (and close your eyes, children! I can’t clean this up, because it’s a direct quote, and also a great quote): ‘If you can take a female character out, and replace them with a sexy lamp, and your plot still functions, then fuck you.´


  • "You put one word after another until it's done. It's that easy, and that hard." - Neil Gaiman