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I am a Data Scientist in my 30s, working mainly with programming and machine learning. I have worked primarily on private business.


This is where I write about AI and Data Science. As I work as a data scientist/machine learning engineer, I read a lot of books on machine learning and AI and try to develop my skills and knowledge on the topic.

AI Strategy

AI strategy is about having a clear view of how to enable the organization to utilize AI capabilities. An AI strategy should encompass the following subsets of strategies.


Alfred is basically Spotlight on steroids. It contains all the features of Spotlight but is more powerful. If you purchase the powerpack, you also get access to workflows.


I try to limit the applications and moreover, I limit the notifications as much as possible. The apps are business and want your money or attention. Make the apps work for you, not the other way around.


List of interesting articles. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the articles I read and checking if they stood the test of time.


Azure is microsofts cloud service. It is like AWS, but only more microsofty. I have worked extensievley with Azure and find it to be a bit cumbersome, with rough edges. Understanding the CLI was key for my development, made things so much easier. I think this experience is something that is shared across cloud providers.


- Degree of Freedom Problem


Here I write about career and about how to better oneself in one's career.


I discovered chaos partly through two main venues. The first is the teachings and works of Nassim Niclas Taleb, which are mainly concerned with uncertainty and rare events that pose risks.

Churn Analysis

- The churn rate measures a company's loss of subscribers for a given period of time.


Coffee is probably the drug I am most comfortable using. Caffeine is something I am definitely addicted to, and I am comfortable with that.


Here, I write about communication and the topics around it. Communication is one of the most essential skills to have, and even though I struggle a lot with this, I want to improve considerably and become a skilled communicator.

Confident Learning

As you can see from the above image, confident learning is about estimating the likelyhood of the data being labeled correctly based upon the confidence of the model. If the model confidence is above the threshold confidence (The Tj parameter, tdog, tfox tcow) and if the confidence of the model prediction is higher than the threshold but the label is different, then we predict a wrong label


One of the core values of my life is to stay curious and seek knowledge and experience.


Penetration testing is essentially simulating attacks and investigating the consequences of said attacks. The end goal is not to get hacked.


To my knowledge, Dart is a beautiful language that is completely null-safe. Dart is developed by Google and is a compiled static-typed language. Most of the development with Dart is for the Flutter framework.

Data Drift

Data drift refers to the phenomenon where the statistical properties of a dataset used for machine learning or analysis change over time. This alteration can be due to various factors, such as shifts in data collection processes, changes in the underlying distribution of the data, or modifications in the environment from which the data originates. Detecting and addressing data drift is crucial to maintaining the performance and reliability of machine learning models and analytical systems.

Data Science

What is data science? It is a bunch of different jobs bunched together and given the tie of AI to make a company sound innovative.

Data Science Project Start-Up Phase

The start-up phase of a data science project is, for me, one of the most exciting parts of the project, but it is also one of the most unclear phases. To have a fighting chance of making it to production, there are several factors that are extremely important and need to be addressed.


In the context of business, everything is a database. Databases are the bedrock of how we design things nowadays.


dbt is an open-source command-line tool that enables data transformation and modeling in a structured and efficient manner. It allows data engineers and analysts to define and manage the data transformation pipeline using SQL queries. With dbt, you can write modular and reusable SQL code, called "models," which define the transformations required to convert raw data into structured and analysis-ready data. These models can be organized, tested, and documented within the dbt framework. dbt leverages the power of SQL and provides a layer of abstraction on top of the data warehouse, making it easier to develop, test, and maintain complex data transformations. It promotes best practices such as version control, testing, and documentation, enabling collaborative and maintainable data modeling workflows. dbt integrates with various data warehouses and can be used in conjunction with other data tools and orchestration platforms to create a robust and reliable data pipeline.


In order to make better decisions, I try to structure and stabilize the process for making big decisions. I define a big decision as a decision that will affect you every day of your life for no shorter than 3 months or for a large duration of time every year (Every weekend for the rest of the year for example). This means that things such as accepting a job offer and moving in with your spouse to a new place are categorized as big decisions.


DevOps is the attempt to bridge the gap between development and operations. So much gets lost in translation, and when you have two departments that are siloed, mistakes are bound to happen.

Discover and Sharing

I try to expand my musical horizon as much as possible. So that I can have music for all my moods and situations. Most of all, the music I discover is either through Spotify or YouTube, but sometimes I think that the best experiences are going to a festival or concert and getting introduced to new artists.


Here, I write a little about different types of drinks, non-alcoholic or alcoholic. I try to keep it simple and stupid, as most of my knowledge on this is to that level.


It is often called the dismal science. More than any other science, it is one of the most challenging sciences, as it is almost impossible to conduct experiments.


I received my Master of Science in Hydrodynamics in 2019. I studied at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). I studied at the Faculty of Marine Technology. I mainly studied computational numerical mathematics, most of which was in a field called Computational Fluid Dynamics. I loved this field partly because I loved working on technical problems and because it was so hard.


Evaluation is one of the most important aspects of machine learning development. It is the craft of understanding the model and how it works.


I try to exercise between 3 and 5 times a week. I try to separate between goals and expectations so that I can always reach for something hard to do.


I like Fastapi as a backend service. It is very easy to learn and it is good when designing apis.


I started working on flexibility far too late, but it is an awesome way of doing quick workouts at home.

French Cuisine

My personal favorite in French cuisine is the honey-glazed duck, the Boef Bourguignon.


Firebase and Flutter is a very cool combo. It has great material on how to work with and helpful docs. It makes creating a simple crud app in Flutter super easy.


Git was developed by Linus Torvalds, who also developed the operating system Linux. He jokingly said he named both tools after himself. Git was made because making changes and collaborating on Linux had become too challenging and a new way of doing version control was needed.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions are written in YAML file format. There are multiple ways of triggering GitHub actions, related to git-actions such as push/pull requests. But also cron schedules. It is a cheap and flexible way of doing simple jobs. One good advantage is that all the functions are in the same repo. One source of truth.


Habits are what you do automatically when a cue is triggered. There are two books on habit that I recommend. One is Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg, and another is Atomic Habits by James Clear. Both of those books are a good starting point.


Health is important, and fortunately, I have been relatively free from sickness and health problems, both mentally and physically.


Here, I try to write down some thoughts regarding history and share things and thoughts that I think are interesting from a historical perspective.


I like to have an orderly home but with a soul. A home is a reflection of who you are and the experiences you have had.

Interpretable AI

Machine learning models are only as interpretable as their features. Interpretable features are those that are meaningful to users. This means that the features used in the model should be easily understood and relevant to the problem at hand. The interpretability of a model is crucial as it allows users to understand the reasoning behind the predictions made by the model.


I find the thoughts of Vitaly Katelson on value investing quite interesting, as well as having a good and stable look at the value you invest in your life.


I switched from android to Iphone in 2017, and have generally been very impressed by it and liked quite well the phone. The only major issues I have had with the iPhone are either after prolonged use (years) or that the screen might be too big.


Javascript is the most popular language in the world, so you should at least have some knowledge of how it works and how it functions.

Job Searching

The interview is about practice; if you want to get good at interviewing, you must practice. Interviewing is 90 % practice.


Karabiner is a powerful and customizable keyboard remapping tool designed specifically for macOS. It allows users to modify the behavior of their keyboards by remapping keys, creating shortcuts, and implementing various keyboard modifications. With Karabiner, users can redefine keys to perform different functions or assign complex combinations of keys to trigger specific actions. This enables users to personalize their keyboard layout and streamline their workflow, making it easier and more efficient to navigate through applications and perform tasks.


I think learning is a difficult topic as it is extremely individual and is also one of the most important skills to have. Moreover, learning is a process as well, and in order to become a skilled learner you need to not only try different methods but also be able to evaluate yourself in a good and non-discriminate way.


This section is about the fine arts of literature and how I relate to them. I will use this section mostly as a way for me to relate to the great works.


Living for me is taking advantage of things that are dear to me and making a small impact in the world. I am strict with myself in order to be kind to others. My relationships with people do not drive me but instead make the drive possible. They provide the safety net that enables me to be bold and daring.


I switched from Windows to Mac in 2021 and used it privately until 2022 when I switched to a Mac for work as well.


Here, I write about my management learnings, both good and bad. I have been quite fortunate to work with great managers, and this has inspired me to incorporate a lot of their wisdom into the way I work.


This book is about dating for men. But it is an honest book, that says that you should start with yourself and become a person people likes and you are comfortable with. Real men are vulnerable and in charge of their feelings.


Motivation for me is being able to intrinsically make the right decision. This implies that motivation is not driven by external factors in this definition. By removing external factors, motivation simply becomes a function of want and mental energy.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is using machine learning techniques to work with text.


Obsidian is where I store my knowledge. I use it as a tool for writing, for storing information and knowledge, and for remembering. The main point of using obsidian is that it is living on your personal computer, can be treated as a good tool for writing quickly and also can be integrated with a lot of different tools, which probably is a huge advantage.


GPT-4 is one of the best tools I have used in the last couple of years. It is astonishing technology that makes me more productive.


In the other section, I want to write about stuff that is not necessarily directly related to me as a person but more stuff I can relate to but does not have a good place to live in the garden.


Here I write about good pasta dishes I have experimented with and my experiences and learnings related to pasta making.


My Knowledge Wiki contains most of my knowledge (From 2023 onwards mainly). I gather all information I find interesting and my learnings in this wiki. The goal is to create a digital garden for my thoughts and share as many of the things I find interesting as possible. The goal is to have a comprehensive library for my thoughts and experiences to share with the world and look back on.


Following recipes automatically is a sign of an unimaginative mind, and as such, one should try to experiment and expand the palette. I have structured my favorite and interesting recipes as a dynamic document with my thoughts and musing on the recipes. I want to be able to update my recipes with more interesting versions continuously.


Here I write about places I have visited, what I liked and other things.


Good poems are powerful in a way books cannot be. It is the young man's game, and its simplicity is in itself artful.


I am fascinated by productivity and always look for ways to increase my productivity. As I am only one person, I must maximize the amount of work I can do to the greatest extent possible.


An underrated aspect of programming is understanding computers; for engineers and self-taught programmers, it might be challenging to understand the intricacies of computers.


Pytests is a wrapper around the unit test python test framework. It makes it a bit easier to write tests.

Recipes to try

- Carne Asada Looks like a good way to expand Mexican cuisine.

Remote Work

I did some remote working when I was at Bali, working primarily on my side projects. I felt like it is very difficult to motivate oneself if one does not have a social society or connection. It was fun however to experience new places.


Learning Rust Journey

Sapporo and Niseko

Sapporo is a city in Hokkaido Japan. It is very far north, and it is cold there. It is also an excellent place to go skiing. Sapporo is quite a big City, Niseko is more of a village with skiing slopes and some large resorts nearby.


I lived in Singapore for 6 months and had a splendid time; I actually did most of the tourist stuff when I returned from a work trip.


Snowflake is a company providing a data warehouse.


Correlation: Any association between two random variables. Correlations are symmetric.

Strength Training

I started strength training when I was 17, and did some on and off until I was 19. From 19 to 24, I consistently worked out between 3 and 5 days a week. I did a lot of failing and needed a lot of guidance during that period. First of all, I started with only upper body exercises and neglected to work out my legs for quite a while. I think this was because I was not flexible enough to do the squat exercises correctly. In hindsight, it is difficult to assess in hindsight what the causation for the lack of leg exercises, but I am certain the lack of flexibility made doing leg workouts quite a bit difficult.


Systems are what we have around us, and instead of focusing on the thing itself, is about how things interact with other things. I got introduced to thinking in systems from the book Thinking in Systems and I have tried to explore those topics more in detail later.


Here i list the talks I have heard or found intersting. It contains some of the cool and intersting talks that I hear. Some might be interesting.

The Garden

Welcome to my Digital Garden. Here, I try to gather my personal knowledge and share it in the best way I know how. This not only helps me learn while working but is also a helpful place for me to gain knowledge and insights, as well as constantly review what I have done to improve each section. The garden might grow new branches, but adding more is not necessarily what I would like to accomplish, I would also like to prune and grow the branches I have. The growth, like in nature should be organic.

The Wire

This show is not a typical cop show. The Wire examines the war on drugs and its horrific consequences. It is also about people and institutions and how they relate to each other.


Here, I write about ways of thinking about the world and the whys and hows. I am fascinated by how we as a species behave and act and how we can improve as a species.


Tools are the things I use to accomplish tasks. A tool can both be a requirement and a supplement to myself.


Here I would like to write a bit about my travels and experiences from traveling that helped me on my journeys.


TV shows have been my favorite way of seeing things. They are good to work on


I made a static web page to share my thoughts and the knowledge I have acquired. I wanted a place to share what I had learned with the wider world. Secondly, it was more of a learning experience creating and maintaining the web page over time.


I have currently worked in different types of work. From being a driver to being a moving operator, to a warehouse Employee, and finally, a Data Scientist.


Writing is hard. It takes time, effort and experience. It is something that takes effort to even start.