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The English language is very rich and encompassing. It is a mix of three different languages: Saxon, Old Norse, and French. After the battle of Hastings in 1066, French culture dominated the court and nobility.

As an example of the multitude of different languages affecting the English language, we have three different words meaning the same thing.

  • Regal - From Latin
  • Royal - From French
  • Kingly - Saxon All of these words basically mean the same thing, but some has a more


Latin Expressions

I thoroughly support having some Latin knowledge and being able to incorporate some cool expressions that make me sound more enlightened and intellectual than I really am.

Expressions in Latin to sound smart

  • Primus inter pares - First among equals.
  • Sic transit gloria mundi - Thus ends the glory of the world.
  • Sic semper fidelis - Thus always loyal. Motto of US Marine Corps
  • *Semper Gumby - Always flexible
  • Sic semper erat et sic semper erit - this is what is was, and will always be
  • Sic semper tyrannis - Thus always to tyrants Attributed to Brutus after the assassination of Gaius Julius Cesar. Also uttered by John Wilkes Booth after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Status quo ante bellum - Same as before the war Usually after an argument. Note that ante bellum also is referring to the period before the american civil war.
  • Fides ex auditu. Faith comes by listening From Paul the Apostle
  • The sicut dixit dominus - thus says the lord
  • Fiat justitia—ruat caelum. “Do justice, and let the skies fall


Sometimes, language is used to mask and confuse, to gatekeep, and to make people not in the tribe unsure. A lot of con artists speak in obfuscating language to trick people. An observant man should always aim to speak clearly, and simply, as it is a sign of intelligence and respect.

Doctors, economists, lawyers and many others, not to single out any particular professions, erect moats of obfuscation around their professions to maintain their status and pay grade. George Bernard Shaw called this the Conspiracies against the laity, in the spirit of this article, noting that laity is a term for the layman or average man.



  • Out of the thousand or so languages, there are only a dozen or so that are not connected to other large families of languages.