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Living for me is taking advantage of things that are dear to me and making a small impact in the world. I am strict with myself in order to be kind to others. My relationships with people do not drive me but instead make the drive possible. They provide the safety net that enables me to be bold and daring.

Living consists of other things than working your job.

On Being Positive.

I think investing time and energy into other people is not a loss for you; you can gain energy by being positive, and positive energy is contagious. Being positive and having a positive look at the world is not only good for you but also for the world. Negativity is so boring. It is easy to be a cynic, strive for something greater than that.


  • Online Dating "There’s a tension between the effectiveness of collaborative filtering and a tech company’s objective to have as many users as possible. The result is that many apps owned by the same people divide users into religious, ethnic, sexual orientation, and geographic groups. That is the state of online dating today."
  • Living Without Technology


  • The only ones who are going to remember you worked overtime in ten years are your kids.