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Tools are the things I use to accomplish tasks. A tool can both be a requirement and a supplement to myself.

I want tools that are

  1. Versatile
  2. Flexible
  3. Robust What do I mean by these criteria? It means that I want to be surrounded by solid tools that I use often and well.

There should be an exponential relationship between the time you spend using the tool and the quality of your tool. What you use every day should be prioritized. As an example, if you spend 8 hours of your day on a computer, you should have the very best quality of hardware.

Tools that make sure you are keeping yourself sharp and healthy should never be compromised. Using sub-optimal desks and chairs when working or studying is asinine

Bose Q35ii Headphones

This is probably one of my best investments. The headphones cancel out all background noise and combined with white noise music; it almost completely blocks out noise.

The only issue I have ever experienced is sometimes if you have paired the headphones with multiple devices, it might be a bit confusing.

The headphone leather wrappings might get a bit worn out and might even break; however, they are easily replaced and are pretty cheap. I have heard stories of it failing, but I believe that might be due to too harsh use, using it outside in the rain, etc.

Garmin Forerunner 245

I found the forerunner to be a good investment, mainly because it makes working out easier and serves as an external motivating factor. Tracking progress is fun, and it provides a lot of helpful functionality that I missed when I did not use a watch.

I have the music version, but I don't really find it that useful.

Funnily enough, the watch really helped me ditch the phone and music/podcasts when running. I think this is a super nice thing to have, and I recommend it. It is very nice to record your runs and have them in Strava.


The Kindle enables me to access the books I want to read immediately for a cheap price. It also serves as a good way of highlighting. This makes my book reviews (Booklist 2023, Booklist 2024) more thorough, and I can go back to my book review and read the things I found interesting.

Using the Kindle also enabled me to get new books quickly, and it is very convenient, does not use that much power, and is quite durable. I usually borrowed books from the local library and wrote my thoughts in a notepad. I still want to do this with books I don't highlight too much in, such as classical literature. Furthermore, the advantage of a Kindle is that you can only do one thing with it, thereby minimizing distractions.

The Kindle is an improvement over traditional books for two reasons.

  1. You get many more books available to you; bringing that amount of physical books with me would be detrimental.
  2. You can easily access the notes or "highlights"; this makes the book notes and reviews much more accessible, and it is possible to go back to review them later, thereby minimizing the need for rereading. The disadvantages are:
  3. You need to be sure the battery is sufficient. This has not been an issue at all for me, but sometimes, it is a requirement to charge.
  4. You don't get the book-reading feeling.

Kitchen Tools

Tools I use for the kitchen are in the [[Equipment]] section.


I have a Mac for both personal use and work. It is an excellent investment and vastly superior to Windows machines. More info on the Mac and usage can be found in the [[Mac]] section. Switching to Mac is one of the best career decisions I have made.


I use an iPhone as my smartphone of choice. It is a good option, and the user-friendliness is fantastic. I especially like the excellent compatibility with Mac. The apps I use with my iPhone can be found in the [[Apps]] section. I think I will use more and more Apple ecosystem products because they are easy to work with across devices.

Airpods Pro

After using another small type of cordless headphones for exercise and movement, I bit the bullet and bought Airpods Pro.



  • Tools shall be used but not misused. What I mean is that it is important not to be afraid to use the tool but not to be careless either. Tools that are not used is waste.