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Health is important, and fortunately, I have been relatively free from sickness and health problems, both mentally and physically.

Taking care of your health is probably one of the most important priorities you have, but it is difficult actually to prioritize it in the right way. Here are some guidelines I use for myself:

  1. Be aware of risks, especially when it comes to injury
  2. Exercise is there not only for your body but also for your mind.
  3. Enjoyment in the future is just as important as enjoyment in the now.
  4. Too much of a good thing is just as bad as too little. This is related to exercise, indulgencies, etc.

Health Services

I live in a country with free health care, but an option to have a

It is important to understand that all types of surgery, either proper surgery with full anesthesia or just a local procedure, have associated risks and should be carefully evaluated. One of my reflections from my first anesthesia operation was that it was much more demanding than I expected. I think this might be the case for all operations.