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I find the thoughts of Vitaly Katelson on value investing quite interesting, as well as having a good and stable look at the value you invest in your life.

The greatest amount of hubris is thinking you are better than all the people you are competing against. Knowing your limitations and maybe understanding where you might have an edge, either due to some profound insights into the domain you are thinking of investing in or some insider knowledge might be the only way for you to beat the market. The market is not rational, no human-involved processes are. Exploiting this knowledge of spreadsheets might lead to a winning investment strategy.

The blend of analytical and experience-based investing.

A lot of the value in analytical investing comes from spreadsheets and numbers, while the traditional investment manager might focus on the human aspects more. It would be interesting to create some kind of investment strategy or bot based on the clarity or obfuscation of companies' communications.

Books that have influenced my thoughts on investing are



  • Probably the smartest thing to do is to invest in index funds.
  • Great investing can be described in one word, asymmetry. You are looking for the greatest possible outcome with the smallest amount of risk. You need to stack great investment strategies on top of each other. - Graham Weaver