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Alfred is basically Spotlight on steroids. It contains all the features of Spotlight but is more powerful. If you purchase the powerpack, you also get access to workflows.

Alfred Workflows

Some of the workflows I love are

  • Alfred Reminders is a good way of quickly adding reminders.
  • Obsidian Workflow This workflow makes daily notes so much easier, having some way of quickly adding some text to daily notes and having an inbox note for adding some links or other. It very nice actually.
  • Chatfred Chat with chatGPT and Dall-E is very handy for easy questions and image generation.
  • Browse tabs Easy browse tabs in Alfred.
  • Spotify: I have not checked it out yet, but having a Spotify player in the Alfred workflow might be interesting.

Alfred Snippets

Alfred snippets are shortcuts for longer text, and they are easy to add and organize, with folders that can have prefixes, etc. I primarily use some of this for git commands as well as having a quick way of writing long sentences that I currently use. An excellent way to structure the snippets is to have them in different categories so that all programmatic snippets are defined in one way, all abbreviations in another, and so forth.
Alfred snippets are more complicated than just word expansion, making importing or exporting bulk snippets difficult.



  • Snippets are exciting and cool, but it is challenging to create a lot of them.
  • Raycast is an exciting alternative; it is lighter and more handy than Alfred but is not as customizable.
  • Alfred with LLM is cool, it would be nice to explore other possibilities than ChatGPT.