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Good poems are powerful in a way books cannot be. It is the young man's game, and its simplicity is in itself artful.

Poems are similar to mathematics, as the young and curious provide the brightest works. Like mathematics, the name of the game is elegance.

Favorite Poems

A Worker Reads History - Who built the monuments? Was it the kings who hauled the stones? I like this poem because it shows that there are so much to the history than the grand leaders, and that we all have some descendants that lived their lives, did their jobs and at the mercy of nature and fate just like most of all are.

The Charge of the Light Brigade - One of Lord Alfred Tennyson´s most famous poems, about a failed cavalry charge against canons. Note: Cavalry charges against fortified canons are rarely a good idea.

Ozymandias Related is the Breaking Bad episode with the same title, which describes Walter White's fall.

Invictus - I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. This poem was written by William Ernest Henly, who wrote it from a sick bed. This poem inspired Nelson Mandela when he was in prison for over 9000 days.



  • Just some good poems that is nice to go back to from time to time.