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This section is about the fine arts of literature and how I relate to them. I will use this section mostly as a way for me to relate to the great works.

It is said that a classic that it is a work of art that everybody talks about but no one reads.

Great works.

Primarily, I think of Hamsun as one of the greatest. His literature is emotional, strong on its own, and great because the writing is great. His works resonate even today. Of the books I have read, I found Victoria and Grown of the Soil particularly good.

I found Russian literature to be tiresome and challenging to complete. Half of the book is people making up new nicknames for each other, and the other half is obscure references to Pushkin.

The difference between Dostoyevsky and Hamsun is that Dostoyevsky has a moral he wants to display and Hamsun wants to have great writing by just that, great writing.



  • Ulysses by James Joyce is often referenced as a PhD killer because it blows the mind of every PhD who attempts it, and all they can talk about is the book.