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Strength Training

I started strength training when I was 17, and did some on and off until I was 19. From 19 to 24, I consistently worked out between 3 and 5 days a week. I did a lot of failing and needed a lot of guidance during that period. First of all, I started with only upper body exercises and neglected to work out my legs for quite a while. I think this was because I was not flexible enough to do the squat exercises correctly. In hindsight, it is difficult to assess in hindsight what the causation for the lack of leg exercises, but I am certain the lack of flexibility made doing leg workouts quite a bit difficult.

Functional Training

Favourite Exercises

Warm-up exercises

  • Warm up by Doing Pump exercise, or the upward/downward facing dog.
  • Kettlebell overhead to loosen up shoulders
  • Jefferson curl
  • Stay in a squat position and



  • Strength training is super good with some partner. It keeps you both accountable, and it motivates you to work out together.
  • I found the "Sally" workout to be a nice finisher, especially squats on leg day. When it comes to push-ups, I usually find them too hard to complete as a finisher.
  • Deadlift is the ultimate exercise. It should be a staple of all strength training programs. I like to start with a deadlift and then do more functional training later.
  • Focus on the fundamentals.