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Here, I write a little about different types of drinks, non-alcoholic or alcoholic. I try to keep it simple and stupid, as most of my knowledge on this is to that level.


Summer Drinks

Porto Tonico

White port wine with tonic water. A lighter alternative to Gin & Tonic. Furthermore, it is easy to make and an option that is not that common, which might give the part a more refreshing feel.


  • White Port: The primary ingredient, white port, provides the drink's alcohol content and base flavor. The choice of white port can range from dry to sweet, allowing for some variation in the cocktail's sweetness level.
  • Tonic Water: Adds effervescence and a slightly bitter counterpoint to the sweetness of the white port, creating a balanced and refreshing drink.
  • Ice
  • Lemon or Orange Slice: Often used as a garnish, adding a citrus aroma and a hint of acidity to complement the drink's flavors.

Aperol Spritz