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Following recipes automatically is a sign of an unimaginative mind, and as such, one should try to experiment and expand the palette. I have structured my favorite and interesting recipes as a dynamic document with my thoughts and musing on the recipes. I want to be able to update my recipes with more interesting versions continuously.

I think I will mostly try to keep the themes of food, like pasta, rice dishes, and Southeast Asian dishes, and quick descriptions regarding the learnings I have from experimenting with dishes. I think it is more helpful for people to see what I have learned than a complete recipe. There are more


I think my favorite dishes come from the Italian Kitchen, most of the dishes are usually very simple and contain few ingredients. It is Easy to


  • Beef Bourguignon

Indian and Middle Eastern



It is very similar to Biryani but with more Middle Eastern flavor (pun intended). It combines the sweetness of the dates and raisins and more rounded spices. Maqloube means top-down or turned or something. This is because the pot is turned upside down.

South East Asian

North Asian


American food is, to me, Southern-style food. It is the Gumbo, Jambalaya, and all types of South East Coast type food. Where I got my inspiration for Southern food Lots of cool Souther Food on this channel.


Finish Salmon Soup

A very good meal for the long winters. Finsh Salmon soup is very similar to all the fish soups of Norway and can be changed to include different types of seafood. It is similar to chowder soups of america.



  • I think the book Kitchen Confidential by Antony Bourdain had some interesting thoughts related to making "haute cuisine" food.
  • The YouTube show Binging With Babish has a lot of easy-to-use recipes and does not contain that much fuzz, only the steps needed to do things. Makes it easier to see the clip and the cook. Also, the recipes are inspired by popular fiction.