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Remote Work

I did some remote working when I was at Bali, working primarily on my side projects. I felt like it is very difficult to motivate oneself if one does not have a social society or connection. It was fun however to experience new places.

One thing that should be noted is the problem regaridn helath and also related to health when working. Be carefulworking with bad tools that will make you unhealth or end up hurting yourself.

Alignment issues

I think one of the biggest issues with remote working and being a digital nomad is the fact that you are not able to align with other people in the organization and the team.

The number of small issues that can be resolved with just a quick question is infinitely harder to ask in a remote setting.

Co-Working Spaces



  • I feel like I often need some time to get into a groove when it comes to remote working, it is often that I need a day or two of unproductivity before I really get going.